Welcome at VAT and TAX professionals gmbh, located in Langenthal, Switzerland.

We advise and support enterprises as well as private individuals. We offer services in the fields of tax advice, accounting and business consulting.

We share an office with the companies Clavatax Steuer-Advokatur AG, Clavatax Steuerberatungs GmbH, TaxDesk GmbH, Nota-Tax KmG, and MWST-Institut. The internal exchange of know-how and experience within our office community enables straightforward, efficient, and personal collaboration, which providing significant added value for clients.

We are active not only locally, but also across cantons and internationally.

Our services

Fiscal representation Switzerland

Fiduciary Services

Business consulting


Thomas Meister

Thomas Meister

Swiss Certified Tax Expert
Certified Fiduciary, Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Managing director

Thomas Meister 11

Raphael Pfister

Certified fiduciary expert

Member of the board

Leonora Useini

Tax Advisor

Mattia Schenk

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Tax advisor/accountant

Patrick Siegenthaler

Certified fiduciary expert

Tax advisor/accountant

Anja Zimmermann

Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management

Tax Advisor/accountant

Stefanie Moser

Tax advisor for natural persons

Office manager

Matthias Meister

Master of Science in International Financial Management

Financial specialst/accountant

Andrea Gurtner

Certified Fiduciary, Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Tax advisor/accountant

Michel Reymond

Tax advisor/accountant

Diego Clavadetscher

Swiss Certified Tax Expert, Notary

Associated tax advisor

Michael Fahrni


Associated advisor

Our policy


Providing clients with the maximum benefit is our utmost priority. As a result, we do not focus on providing standardised solutions. Instead, our efforts are geared towards recognising the individual needs of our clients, catering to them, and fulfilling them with the utmost care. We do so by taking into account an appropriate cost-benefit ratio. Our fees only include the services that our clients truly need. We do our best to provide the maximum benefit to our clients at a reasonable cost.

Expertise, real-world experience, and meticulous work provide the foundation for meeting our clients' high standards. It goes without saying that all of our work is performed with the utmost discretion. Our team gets its motivation to remain at the forefront of relevant developments primarily from the gratification it derives from its work, as well as the passion it has developed for the profession. The combination of gratification, passion, and the necessary expertise makes it possible for us to further our clients' goals and create added value for them.

Client satisfaction is our benchmark for the work we do. We achieve this by working closely with clients, clearly defining goals and actions, and then implementing them. At the same time, personal meetings help to prevent misunderstandings and to understand the client's concerns. This allows ambitious yet realistic goals to be set.